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Luis Coria

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Ceiling 1.73 1.73
Action 3.00 3.00


Come forward pressure fighter. Wants to work inside with uppercuts and the left hook. Good motor, throws a lot of punches. Average hand speed and power. Very little head movement and doesn't keep a high guard so he gets hit a lot on the way in. Lost a close decision to Lopez in a good action fight. Dropped Conceicao with a left hook to the temple and had him in real trouble but lost a close decision in a war that could have gone either way. Dropped Vivas with a left hook but lost in a war that could have gone either way. Fought behind the jab against Suarez and lost a wide decision.

Notable Fights

Undercard Gems: 05-22-2021 vs Jose Enrique Vivas
Undercard Gems: 10-31-2020 vs Robson Conceicao
Undercard Gems: 06-11-2020 vs Adam Lopez


Luis Coria vs Noe Muno

Luis Coria vs Juan Bryand

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