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Adam Lopez

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Ceiling 2.59 2.59
Action 4.00 4.00


Aggressive, but fights at distance. Decent jab. Wants to use enough movement to not let a puncher set his feet. Gives up his distance and will trade at times. Average hand speed and power. Got off the deck to stop Rivera with a right hand. Dropped Valdez with a left hook, but was stopped with a left hook in a close fight. Just did enough to edge Coria in an action fight. Seemed to outland Dogboe slightly but lost the decision in a terrific action fight. Was handling Ochoa before it was stopped on a headbutt. Dropped twice by Encarnacion but got a decision that could have gone the other way in a good fight.

Notable Fights

Undercard Gems: 05-21-2022 vs William Encarnacion
Undercard Gems: 06-19-2021 vs Isaac Dogboe
Undercard Gems: 06-11-2020 vs Luis Coria


Adam Lopez vs Paul Romero

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