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Robson Conceicao

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Ceiling 3.30 3.30
Action 3.25 3.25


Slaps a little with the right hand. Below average power. Agile, decent defense. Leads against more limited comp, but might be a counter puncher at higher levels. Was dropped and in deep trouble from a Coria left hook to the temple, had 2 points deducted for low blows and came out with the win in a trench war that could have gone either way. Dominated Ahumada and stopped him on accumulation. Outlanded Valdez but lost a decision that could have gone either way. Couldn't stay close to Stevenson and was dominated. Stopped Guardado with a body shot.

Notable Fights

Robberies: 07-6-2024 vs O'Shaquie Foster
Undercard Gems: 10-31-2020 vs Luis Coria
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