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Serhii Bohachuk

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Ceiling 2.90 3.30
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Relentless pressure fighter with power in both hands. Will fight both at distance and on the inside. Likes to throw the left hook to the body. Throws a ton of punches. He's there to be hit and he has been hurt. Haven't seen him in with a mover yet, but he seems like he cuts the ring off pretty well. Was down from a flash right hand against Johnson, but dominated him. Dropped Brunson 3 times with the right hand and stopped him. Was leading over Adams late when he got clipped with a big left hook and stopped. Dominated Igbokwe until his corner stopped the fight. Stopped Coley with a left hook to end a short scrap.

Notable Fights

Good Fights: 03-4-2021 vs Brandon Adams


Serhii Bohachuk vs Lucius Johnson (1:22:00)

Serhii Bohachuk vs Cesar Berumen

Serhii Bohachuk vs Cleotis Pendarvis (4:53:00)

Serhii Bohachuk vs Freddy Hernandez (2:10:00)

Serhii Bohachuk vs Fernando Marin (3:46:00)

Serhii Bohachuk vs Tyrone Brunson

Serhii Bohachuk vs Joan Jose Valenzuela (1:09:00)
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