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Tall for 140. Will fight on the back foot and try to walk you onto counter lefts or right hooks. Because of his length, he goes to the body a lot more than the usual back foot fighter. He'll lead if you go on the back foot and work behind a good jab. Has good reflexes and instincts defensively and uses his feet well, sometime laterally. Isn't up on his toes much even though he sometimes moves a lot. Pretty good hand speed. Not much power, but he's a sharp puncher and he keeps them coming. Rodriguez dropped him with a grazing left hook to the body. Stopped Godoy on his stool after dominating him. Outmaneuvered and outlanded Barboza but was robbed of a clear decision win.

Notable Fights

Robberies: 04-20-2024 vs Arnold Barboza Jr


Sean McComb vs Miroslav Serban (2:00:00)
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