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Rolando Romero

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Ceiling 1.88 1.94
Action 3.50 3.25


Aggressive. Comes forward and throws big shots, looks for the left hook. Above average power but he telegraphs the right hand. Doesn't throw in combination. Shoves, holds and uses forearms on the inside. Was gifted the decision against Marinez in a fight Marinez controlled. Dropped Sparrow with a left hook and dominated him. Dropped Yigit 3 times and stopped him in a comfortable win. Stopped by a massive Davis left hand. Dropped by a Barroso left hand and down late before getting a gift win on a terrible ref stoppage.

Notable Fights

Robberies: 05-13-2023 vs Ismael Barroso
Robberies: 08-15-2020 vs Jackson Marinez


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