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Robeisy Ramirez

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Shows the jab sparingly. Good feet, defensively responsible. Uses the left to the body often, and has a good left uppercut. Good hand speed, above average power. He'll come forward and pressure you with his feet. Was dropped in his first 30 seconds as a pro as he was off balance and lost to Gonzalez. Stopped Ibarra with a left to the body. Destroyed Andujar with left hands. Clearly outpointed Gonzalez in a rematch. Dominated Caraballo. Stopped Valdes on accumulation. Thoroughly outclassed Allen. Outworked Gonzalez to win a wide decision. Dominated Nova and knocked him out with a huge left hand. Dropped Espinoza with a right hand but got outwarred and dropped late in a great fight.

Notable Fights

Upsets: 12-9-2023 vs Rafael Espinoza
Good Fights: 12-9-2023 vs Rafael Espinoza
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