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Petros Ananyan

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Ceiling 1.95 1.98
Action 4.25 4.13


Volume puncher that will get inside and keep throwing. Doesn't worry about defense, just wants to outwork and outwill you. Throws hooks and looks for the overhand right. Average power and hand speed. Good chin. Hurt Matias with the overhand right and outworked him down the stretch. Matias dropped him with a left hook in the rematch and punished him in a phone booth war.

Notable Fights

Undercard Gems: 01-22-2022 vs Subriel Matias
Undercard Gems: 02-22-2020 vs Subriel Matias
Upsets: 02-22-2020 vs Subriel Matias


Petros Ananyan vs Abraham Gomez (1:12:00)

Subriel Matias vs Petros Ananyan II
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