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Maxi Hughes

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Ceiling 2.90 2.45
Action 2.50 2.75


Fights at a measured pace. Keeps a tight, high guard. Uses his feet fairly well to keep distance, jabbing and fighting defensively. Below average power but he's a sharp accurate puncher. Average hand speed. Good timing, fairly responsible defensively with his feet and a good guard. Neutralized the southpaw Carroll and won a close decision that could have gone either way. Dominated Straffon and won every round. Neutralized Walsh and outlanded him for a wide decision. Managed distance against the shorter Galahad and won a competitive decision. Dominated by Zepeda until his corner pulled him out.

Notable Fights

Robberies: 07-22-2023 vs George Kambosos Jr
Upsets: 08-12-2020 vs Jono Carroll


Maxi Hughes vs Jovanni Straffon
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