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George Kambosos Jr

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Ceiling 2.65 2.65
Action 2.75 2.75


Good counter puncher. Comfortable on the back foot. Decent hand speed, average power. Good chin. Moves fairly well and manages distance. Holds the lead hand low. Dropped Bey with a right uppercut and won a narrow decision. Won a close decision over Selby by moving forward and occasionally throwing. Traded knockdowns with Lopez and outpunched him to win a clear decision. Couldn't get past Haney's jab and lost two wide decisions. Couldn't figure Hughes out and was outlanded but got a gift decision.

Notable Fights

Robberies: 07-22-2023 vs Maxi Hughes
Upsets: 11-27-2021 vs Teofimo Lopez
Good Fights: 11-27-2021 vs Teofimo Lopez


George Kambosos vs Lee Selby

George Kambosos Jr vs Teofimo Lopez
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