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Lewis Ritson

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Ceiling 1.87 1.87
Action 3.25 3.25


Has decent footwork and bobs some with head movement. Can control with the jab and some subtle lateral movement. Does a nice job of moving his head on the way in and will throw the right to the body on the inside and then get out. Doesn't do any one thing great, but he's pretty good in all areas and has some versatility. Decent hand speed and power. Stopped Jedrzejewski with a left hook to the body. Got the nod in a grueling action fight against Davies. Couldn't come close to solving Vazquez and deserved maybe 2 rounds but was granted a victory by robbery. Ponce walked to him and dominated him throughout before stopping him with body shots.

Notable Fights

Robberies: 10-17-2020 vs Miguel Vazquez


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