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Julio Cesar Martinez

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Ceiling 2.91 3.46
Action 4.50 4.75


Rugged pressure fighter. Comes forward and throws heavy shots from awkward angles. Squares up, occasionally switches southpaw. Very good power. Carries his hands low and gets hit a lot. Stopped Edwards on a barrage of body shots. Wore Rosales down with a withering attack and stopped him on accumulation. Outslugged Harris down the stretch and dropped him with a right to the body. Blitzed Calleros with combinations in 2. Dropped a game Cordova with a left hand and stopped him standing to end a slugfest. Traded big left hook knockdowns with Arroyo and dropped him again before taking a technical draw on a cut in a fight he was leading. Completely dominated and widely outlanded by Gonzalez. Dropped Cordova twice with jabs and hung on to win a close decision in a good fight.

Notable Fights

Good Fights: 03-30-2024 vs Angelino Cordova
Good Fights: 02-29-2020 vs Jay Harris


Julio Cesar Martinez vs Cristofer Rosales

Julio Cesar Martinez vs Moises Calleros
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