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Joseph Adorno

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Stays in the middle of the ring and uses the jab sparingly. Average hand speed and power. Can be outworked, less effective on the back foot. The left hook is his best weapon. Can be controlled by a good jab. Got the stoppage over Ramirez by lulling him to sleep with the jab and then turning over a nasty left hook. Dropped Sosa with a left hook on the button, stopped him with a short right hand. Dropped Ortiz with a left hook and again with a left uppercut but was outlanded and settled for a draw in a good fight. Couldn't get past Rivera's jab and lost a wide decision. Dropped Roldan and won a razor thin decision in a low volume fight. Dropped by a Rodriguez right hook and lost a clear decision in a competitive fight. Controlled by Walters jab and lost a wide decision.

Notable Fights

Undercard Gems: 04-24-2021 vs Jamaine Ortiz


Joseph Adorno vs Luis Avila (6:00)

Joseph Adorno vs Hugo Roldan
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