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Fights behind the shoulder with the lead hand low. Above average hand speed, average power. Good jab, he throws combinations. Decent defensively with his feet and head movement. If you don't keep him off you he'll just walk to you and throw a ton of punches on the inside and wear you down. Good body puncher. Obliterated Hurtado. Pressed Veron to the ropes and landed a lot of shots on the inside for several rounds before getting him out with a barrage in the 8th. Walked right to Selby and took him apart for the stoppage, dropping him 3 times with right hands. Pressured Hitchins and was robbed in a close fight he deserved to win.

Notable Fights

Robberies: 04-7-2024 vs Richardson Hitchins


Gustavo Lemos vs Maximiliano Veron

Gustavo Lemos vs Lucas Arganaraz

Gustavo Lemos vs Lee Selby
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