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Carlos Canizales

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Ceiling 3.60 3.60
Action 4.00 4.00


Comfortable on the back foot or coming forward. Good hand and foot speed. Picks his spots to set his feet and throw in combination. Uses his feet defensively, doesn't let you set your feet very often. Good power, if not one punch KO power. Cruised against Kimura. Bermudez pressured it right out of the gate, put him in a war and violently stopped him with a couple big right hands. Outlanded Valenzuela for a comfortable decision. Fought on the front foot and outlanded Matellon to win a wide decision shortened by cuts.

Notable Fights

Good Fights: 01-23-2024 vs Kenshiro Teraji
Upsets: 05-28-2021 vs Esteban Bermudez
Good Fights: 05-28-2021 vs Esteban Bermudez


Esteban Bermudez vs Carlos Canizales
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