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Batyr Akhmedov

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Ceiling 2.60 2.60
Action 4.25 4.25


Comes forward with good head movement. Shows the jab on the way in but is mostly looking to work on the inside with hooks. Has good feet, spins his opponent and gives angles. Well conditioned. He wins fights by keeping the pressure on for the entire fight and keeping his hands busy. Fairly quick hands, not much power. Committed body puncher. Blew Perez away and stopped him with body shots. Lost a close decision to Puello in a good action fight that could have gone either way. Lost a razor thin decision to Sims Jr in a sensational action fight.

Notable Fights

Undercard Gems: 05-13-2023 vs Kenneth Sims Jr
Undercard Gems: 08-20-2022 vs Alberto Puello


Mario Barrios vs Batyr Akhmedov (57:00)

Batyr Akhmedov vs Rey Perez

Batyr Akhmedov vs Argenis Mendez
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