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Zelfa Barrett

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Ceiling 2.38 2.38
Action 3.75 3.75


Pretty good handspeed. Wants to fight on the outside but doesn't really have the length to control distance. On his toes a lot fighting off the back foot with movement. Maybe better than average power. Fought McCorry coming forward and dropped him and stopped him with several good left hooks to the body. Was trailing Donovan late when he caught him with a big left hook and stopped him with another left hook to win a good fight. Fought Martinez on the back foot and got the decision in a close fight that could have gone either way. Cruised past the overmatched Simion. Dropped Rakhimov and was winning rounds before being stopped on attrition. Outworked by Gill until he dropped him twice with left hooks to the body and stopped him.

Notable Fights

Undercard Gems: 08-14-2020 vs Eric Donovan


Zelfa Barrett vs Edwin Tellez I

Zelfa Barrett vs Viorel Simion
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