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Sebastian Fundora

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Ceiling 3.40 3.40
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Freakish height but likes to fight on the inside. His dimensions allow him to throw hooks and uppercuts at a distance that is long range for his opponent. He's a bit of a buzzsaw. Difficult to deal with the reach. Uses the jab a lot more against a southpaw. Average hand speed and power, but throws a lot of punches and keeps coming. Beat Gallimore down and got him out of there. Quickly dismantled Ahmed. Dominated Cota and stopped him on accumulation. Outlanded Garcia to win a clear but competitive decision. Dropped Lubin with a right uppercut, then got off the deck to stop him in a brutal high volume war. Outlanded Ocampo to win a wide decision.

Notable Fights

Good Fights: 04-9-2022 vs Erickson Lubin


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