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Sam Eggington

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Ceiling 1.52 1.26
Action 4.00 4.00


Comes forward behind the jab. Throws a lot and works to the body, wants an attrition war. Doesn't have much defense, would rather trade. Has some power in the right hand. Stopped Fiordigiglio on accumulation. Lost a decision to Cheeseman in a good, close action fight. Dominated the faded Theophane, way too strong for him. Had slightly quicker hands and beat Jkitou in a great trench war.

Notable Fights

Undercard Gems: 03-1-2024 vs Abass Baraou
Good Fights: 09-10-2021 vs Bilel Jkitou
Undercard Gems: 08-1-2020 vs Ted Cheeseman


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