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Omar Juarez

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Ceiling 1.47 1.49
Action 2.75 2.58


Average hand speed, below average power. Will come forward or fight on the back foot. Left hook is his best punch. Stopped De la Paz with a big right cross on the inside, but it was a bloody 90 second war where he was hit a few times. Outclassed Shacks with power shots. Dropped Martinez with a left hook and dominated him. Cruised against Shaw in a low output fight. Was dropped by a Rivera right hook and lost a close decision in a good action fight. Dropped Lopez with a right hand and dominated him. Got the nod against Karl in a fight that could have gone either way. Let Barthelemy set the tempo and lost a close decision in a low volume fight. Dropped Booth twice with chopping right hands late to seal a clear victory in a competitive fight.

Notable Fights

Undercard Gems: 02-5-2022 vs Ryan Karl
Upsets: 06-27-2021 vs


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