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Nikita Ababiy

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Ceiling 1.92 1.46
Action 3.25 3.13


Comes forward looking to land big shots. Doesn't jab much to control range. Average hand speed, maybe above average power. Goes to the body often. Much more comfortable on the back foot countering now. Stopped Barajas with a left hook to the body. Dropped Batista with a right hand before winning by DQ. Went the distance with Williams and won a clear but competitive decision. Won a competitive decision over Maddox. Won a close decision over Larios mostly looking to counter.


Nikita Ababiy vs Isiah Seldon

Nikita Ababiy vs Juan Francisco Barajas (11:00)

Nikita Ababiy vs Jake Henriksen

Nikita Ababiy vs Jonathan Batista

Nikita Ababiy vs Sanny Duversonne

Nikita Ababiy vs Noe Larios Jr
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