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Maxim Prodan

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Ceiling 1.16 1.16
Action 3.50 3.50


He's best at mid-range or inside. Wants to land the right cross and left hook. Doesn't pressure and try to get inside enough. Average hand speed, average power. Low work rate. Couldn't get past Dixon's jab all night, but was gifted the win. Dropped Cristofori with a left hook but was losing when the referee gave him the win with a very early stoppage. Lost a competitive decision to Marku. Had a hard time catching up to Romero but finally dropped him with a big left hook before getting stopped on accumulation in a good fight.

Notable Fights

Upsets: 05-13-2022 vs Luis Enrique Romero
Undercard Gems: 05-13-2022 vs Luis Enrique Romero
Robberies: 02-26-2021 vs Nicola Cristofori
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