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Luis Nery

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Ceiling 3.15 3.08
Action 3.50 3.25


Comes forward with heavy hands. Wants to get you into a war. He'll match his power against anybody's. Might be able to be neutralized to a degree with movement. Physically strong, will bully you inside with forearms and shoulders and make it a rough fight. And then look to finish in exchanges. Stopped Payano with a left hook to the body. Stopped by a Figueroa body shot in a good fight. Dropped Castro with a left hand early, then beat Castro clearly mostly fighting on the back foot.

Notable Fights

Good Fights: 02-18-2023 vs Azat Hovhannisyan
Good Fights: 05-15-2021 vs Brandon Figueroa


Luis Nery vs McJoe Arroyo

Luis Nery vs Juan Carlos Payano (20:00)

Luis Nery vs Aaron Alameda

Brandon Figueroa vs Luis Nery

Luis Nery vs Carlos Castro
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