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Kendo Castaneda

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Comes forward and wants to trap you on the ropes. Being retooled to use the jab and fight on the back foot looking to counter. Squares up on the inside and throws hooks with both hands. A bit of a headhunter. Average hand speed and power, but throws a lot. Stopped Martyniouk on accumulation. Was edged by Alamo in a close fight. Couldn't close the gap and lost a clear decision to Zepeda. Couldn't keep up with Vargas' movement and was dominated. Fought Pintor on the back foot and was effective at times, losing a decision that could have gone either way. Beat Fernandez in a good, close war. Outslugged and dominated by Moran.

Notable Fights

Undercard Gems: 08-5-2022 vs Joseph Fernandez
Undercard Gems: 02-28-2020 vs Yomar Alamo
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