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Josue Vargas

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Versatile fighter. Has good hand speed and uses lateral movement, but doesn't rely heavily on the jab. Likes to get in and use uppercuts and hooks before angling out. Likes to pressure but will also fight on the back foot and look for counter hooks and straight lefts. Average power, but enough to stop guys on accumulation. Questionable chin. Stopped Lopez on a barrage of uppercuts. Dominated Briceno with his feet and quicker hands. Dominated Castaneda with his quickness and agility. Outlanded Shaw to win a wide decision. Got clipped by a beautiful Zepeda left hand and stopped in 1. Dropped twice by Demario but won a clear decision. Dropped by a Linger right hand and battered until the commission stopped the fight.

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Upsets: 06-11-2022 vs


Josue Vargas vs Salvador Briceno
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