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Jose Zepeda

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Ceiling 2.62 2.81
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Versatile, will fight on the back foot or come forward. Good timing, patient fighter. Gets in and out behind the jab and works the body. Above average hand speed. Doesn't work at a fast pace, manages distance well. Had better technique and more options and clearly beat Castaneda. Stopped Baranchyk with a highlight reel left hand after getting off the deck 4 times in a classic fight. Coasted to a decision over Lundy in a dull, low volume fight. Caught Vargas with a huge, great left hand and stopped him in 1. Stopped by a Smith right hand to the body in a competitive fight.

Notable Fights

Good Fights: 10-3-2020 vs Ivan Baranchyk


Jose Zepeda vs Jose Pedraza

Jose Zepeda vs Ivan Baranchyk
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