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Jesus Ramos

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Comes forward behind the jab and throws the straight left often. Average hand speed, above average power. Does a good job of cutting off the ring. Well conditioned, he'll keep pressuring. Hasn't had to worry much about defense so far. He's there to be hit, and has been. Works the body well. Highlight reel KO'd Edwards with a left. Dominated Amanov and broke him down. Dominated Garcia and stopped him early. Dropped Nelson with a left hand and again with a right hook and stopped him. Pressured and dominated Molina throughout. Started slow against Mendoza but dominated him down the stretch for a wide decision. Hurt Hernandez and the ref stopped in to end a good war. Won a competitive decision over Santamaria in a low volume fight. Slowed up late and lost a decision to Lubin in a slow paced fight that could have gone either way.


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