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Jean Pascal

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Ceiling 2.22 2.61
Action 3.00 3.50


No longer the quick handed puncher with good reflexes he was in his prime. Gets hit more often than he used to with average hand speed. Will come forward if he needs to, doesn't use his jab often. Can be wide with his shots, but can catch you from awkward angles. Looks to set up the right and still has fight ending power with it. Dropped Browne with big right hands twice on the inside. Dropped Jack with an overhand right early, but was dropped late with a barrage of rights and got the decision in a good fight that could easily have gone the other way. Rallied late after being outworked by Meng to take a close decision that probably should have gone the other way.


Jean Pascal vs Badou Jack

Jean Pascal vs Marcus Browne
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