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Jahi Tucker

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Tall, throws a lot of leather. Bends at the waist a lot. Fights with his hands low, relies on reflexes defensively. Doesn't use the jab a lot, he's not concerned with controlling distance. Average hand speed, below average power. Squares up often, he is there to be hit. Will go on the back foot at times and look to counter but if you let him come forward he'll let his hands go. Showboater. Swarmed Anderson and stopped him on accumulation. Stopped Rodriguez with a left hook to the body. Outlanded the much smaller Barboza. Overwhelmed Sosa with volume. Walked straight to Black dropped him with a right uppercut, and stopped him. Dominated Smith until the ref stopped it. Outworked Sanchez and won a wide decision. Spent a lot of time with his back to the ropes and lost the decision to Flaz in a fight that could have gone either way.

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