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Cyrus Pattinson

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Ceiling 1.49 1.49
Action 4.50 4.50


Comes forward and keeps the hands busy. Likes to work to the body. Poor defensively, he gets hit a lot. He'll stand and trade. Below average power, average hand speed. Stopped Markov with body shots. Won a clear decision over Vicol in a good war. Outworked Vazem and cruised to a dominant win. Stopped Jenkins on accumulation in an action fight. Dropped 3 times and stopped on his stool by Walker in a slugfest.

Notable Fights

Undercard Gems: 08-19-2023 vs Conah Walker
Undercard Gems: 03-18-2023 vs Chris Jenkins


Cyrus Pattinson vs Evgenii Vazem

Cyrus Pattinson vs Dmitri Trenel
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