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Carlos Gongora

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Ceiling 2.06 3.53
Action 3.75 4.38


Come forward puncher. Has some power in both hands, throws straight shots and is busy. Average hand speed. Stopped Zavala with an overhand left. Got off the deck to stop Akhmedov in a good firefight. Dominated Pearson and stopped him with a right hook that damaged his eye.

Notable Fights

Good Fights: 03-23-2023 vs Christian Mbilli
Upsets: 12-18-2020 vs Ali Akhmedov
Undercard Gems: 12-18-2020 vs Ali Akhmedov


Carlos Gongora vs Ronald Mixon

Carlos Gongora vs Demetrius Walker

Carlos Gongora vs Vermin Bettancourt

Carlos Gongora vs Ali Akhmedov
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