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Brian Ceballo

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Ceiling 2.32 2.32
Action 2.75 2.75


Stays defensively responsible. If you come to him, he will often stay in the pocket and look to counter. Quick hands and instincts. Doesn't get hit all that much. If he has to lead, he'll come forward from a distance behind the jab. He doesn't throw all out, but rather tries to be accurate. Takes a few rounds to get his opponent measured and then turns up the pressure. Stopped Florez with a left hook to the body. Cruised against Gomez.


Brian Ceballo vs Luis Longoria (2:11:00)

Brian Ceballo vs Adan Ahumada

Brian Ceballo vs Tavoris Teague

Brian Ceballo vs Ramal Amanov (33:00)

Brian Ceballo vs Larry Gomez (7:00)
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