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Amilcar Vidal

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Comes forward patiently and wants to plant his feet and throw big shots. Average power, average hand speed. Good body puncher with the left hook. Looks for uppercuts inside. Dropped Prieto twice with the left hook and stopped him quick. Got the decision over Aleem in a good, close war that could have gone either way. Fought passively in the rematch with Bulacio and got a razor thin decision in a fight he appeared to lose.

Notable Fights

Undercard Gems: 07-17-2021 vs Immanuwel Aleem


Amilcar Vidal vs Martin Bulacio II

Amilcar Vidal vs Gustavo Chamorro

Amilcar Vidal vs Edward Ortiz

Amilcar Vidal vs Immanuwel Aleem

Amilcar Vidal vs Omar Diaz
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