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Alexis Espino

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Ceiling 1.58 1.58
Action 3.25 3.25


Comes forward with combination punching if he has a reach advantage. Comes forward behind a patient jab if he's the shorter guy. Left hook artist. Can be outworked, looks to land big shots. Gets hit a lot. Seems to be fairly heavy handed, got the stoppage with the left hook against Saint-Juste, Soto and Baccus. Got caught flush with some big right hands against Soto. Won a wide decision over McLeod.


Alexis Espino vs Billy Wagner (7:30)

Alexis Espino vs Kerby Saint-Juste (1:38:00)

Alexis Espino vs Oscar Soto (2:11:00)

Alexis Espino vs Delvecchio Savage

Alexis Espino vs Vincent Baccus

Alexis Espino vs Rodolfo Gomez

Aaron Silva vs Alexis Espino
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