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Adam Kownacki

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Ceiling 1.73 1.91
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Relies on will and a high work rate, even at an advanced age. Better when coming forward but will also give ground and get room to punch instead of clinching if the opponent comes forward. The right hand is probably his most powerful punch, but he wins by attrition. Was outworking Helenius until he got hurt and was stopped by right hands. Disqualified by low blows after being battered by Helenius in the rematch. Lost a close decision to Demirizen in a high volume war.

Notable Fights

Undercard Gems: 07-30-2022 vs Ali Eren Demirezen
Upsets: 03-7-2020 vs Robert Helenius


Adam Kownacki vs Artur Szpilka

Adam Kownacki vs Gerald Washington

Adam Kownacki vs Chris Arreola

Robert Helenius vs Adam Kownacki

Adam Kownacki vs Iago Kiladze (7:30)

Adam Kownacki vs Charles Martin
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